Please join us for the 3rd Annual POKER RUN this Saturday, August 22nd!

Poker Run — How it works!

Players buy in the day of the Poker Run (Saturday, August 22nd) – $20 per player Money is collected at the main beach after 5:30 p.m.

Each of the 10 locations will be stocked with cards  Players pick one card per location   Everyone can start visiting locations any time after 12 noon Hands-all-in is at 6:00pm at the Island Road beach!

Cards are then opened at the beach when announced (sometime after 6pm)

There will be a cookout at the beach!   Anyone that has purchased a hand will receive a free hot dog or hamburger Non-players will be able to purchase a plate for a small fee

If everyone could give Paula Bertram an idea of how many people are joining their groups, it would be appreciated as she will be shopping for food on Friday J

Paula’s email is