Stop Spread of Invasive Species / Boat Launch Rules

In order to protect Hickory Hills Lake, we need to stop the spread of harmful species into our lake that can hitch rides from other bodies of water on boats, fishing equipment, clothing,boots, buckets, other equipment used in the water, and even dogs.

logo_sah-vert-200pxFollow the Hickory Hills Boat Launch Protocol for all boats, kayaks, etc., being launched on Hickory Hills that have been in other bodies of water. Most lakes in our area contain a myriad of invasive species. We now have one, but let’s be vigilant not to invite any more. All watercraft on Hickory Hills Lake are required to have boat stickers prior to launch. You can obtain a Boat Registration Form here.


Simple steps:

  • Do not launch any water craft without following the Hickory Hills Boat Launch Protocol.
  • Do not let friends bring canoes, kayaks, boats, etc., to use on Hickory Hills. (These are not permitted anyway, as they would not have a boat sticker).
  • Remove any visible mud, plants, fish, etc., before transporting equipment (mud can include harmful larvae or plant fragments).
  • Eliminate all water from equipment, including, motors, live wells, bait buckets, etc.
  • Clean and dry anything that came in contact with the water, using hot (warmer than 104 degrees) or salt water. Vinegar can be used to treat equipment that can’t be exposed to salt, as well as a salt solution. Find more information on cleaning procedures for equipment by clicking here.
  • Do not introduce any plants, fish or animals to a new body of water. Do not release unused bait into the water.