Thanks for your interest in Hickory Hills Lake Fanwort Surveying.

We’re excited and truly encouraged by the progress our Survey volunteers, our volunteer DASH teams and AB Aquatics, Inc. is making in both locating and removing Fanwort from our lake.

In 2018, DASH focused on clearing the large infestations we found in the main lake and coves, but there’s a lot more to find yet. That’s where we come in!

While the DASH teams harvest the plants, a Surveyors job of finding the weed is just as important.  We can’t remove it if we don’t know where it’s growing.

If you’re interested in joining a Survey Team, just shoot us an email so we can answer any questions you may have.

Click here to send us an email today!

Happy surveying and kind regards from the Hickory Hills Fanwort Survey Teams!