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Board decisions are made during regular Board meetings held the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Form Deadlines: All forms need to be submitted at minimum one week, plus one day, prior to Board of Director meetings

Please attain approval from Lunenburg Conservation Committee if fence is within 100' of lake/wetlands prior to submitting (100' - Conservation Buffer Zone).

Hickory Hills property owner deed provisions:

#4   "No building, fence, wall, sewage disposal system, outdoor fireplace, or other structure shall be commenced, erected, or maintained on said property ... nor shall any addition, change or alteration therein be made, until plans and specifications, showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, floor plans, location, and grading plan thereof shall have been submitted to and approved by the Hickory Hills Lake Corporation, its successors and assigns ..."

#6    "No building or other structure...shall be erected, altered, or maintained on any part of said property closer than fifty (50) feet to the front (closet to the lake) line of said property, closer than ten (10) feet to the rear line thereof, and closer than ten (10) feet to the side lines thereof, without prior written permission of the Hickory Hills Lake Corporation, its successors and assigns..."

#10.    "An easement is hereby reserved to the Hickory Hills Lake Corporation, its successors and assigns, across a strip of land ten (10) feet wide bordering the high water level mark of (the lake) ... and a similar easement extending across a strip of land five (5) feet wide bordering the two side boundaries of the property...in order to maintain and improve said body of water, the land there under, and its shores."

** NOTE: All permits are subject to all Lunenburg town board approvals. **

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HICKORY HILLS EASEMENT RIGHTS:   I, _____________________________________________
hereby agree to temporarily remove at my expense any fence that I may have constructed within the easement areas reserved to Hickory Hills Landowners, Inc., should Landowners need to access/maintain the waterfront.

Please mark placement of fence for inspection by Board members, and attach any diagrams or supporting information, including fence height and material to be used.

Do not write below this line. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY.

Building site inspected by:		Approved	Not Approved

Name: _____________________________	  _____	        _____

Name: _____________________________	  _____	        _____

Reasons:  _______________________________________________________________


Board of Directors vote on request:	Approved	Not Approved

    Date:  _______________________	  _____	        _____

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