Lake Management Group

of Hickory Hills Lake, Lunenburg, MA


Fanwort, a highly invasive weed, was found in our lake in summer 2011. The Lake Management Group (LMG) has worked tirelessly to fight it.   Fanwort is extremely aggressive and grows quickly – up to 1 1/2 inches per day. If it continues to spread in the lake, it is likely to become the dominant plant and could choke off the lake, killing other plants and taking over their area, and taking away native vegetation for fish, rendering it unusable for boating, swimming, fishing, etc.  If you are interested in helping to look for fanwort as part of our survey team, please click here for more information and whom to contact. It takes a couple of hours to do this, and you can do it on your own schedule.

If you have encountered a plant in the lake that you believe could be fanwort:

1. Mark the location by placing an orange fanwort marker 5 feet in front of the plant (shore – plant – marker).

2. Report the plant by emailing and include which zone # and property or Island # it’s closest to. Find zone & property/island #s from the 2016 Fanwort Zone Map below.

No email? Call the office and let Misty know.  The Office – 978.582.6365

Please report all suspicious plants. We would rather come look and find nothing than not find it at all. Thank you for your help in this!

2016 Zone Map