Lake Management Group

of Hickory Hills Lake, Lunenburg, MA

Join the Search

Hickory Hills Lake covers over 330 square acres. To combat fanwort, we need eyes on every inch of the lake. We have a great team of volunteers, but we don’t have enough. Join the search!

How can you help?

  • Survey your own waterfront. If you need help to start out, send an email to or and Nicole or someone else will coordinate a Survey member to help you get started.
  • Volunteer to survey another part of the lake. If you regularly canoe, kayak, fish, snorkel or swim then you are the perfect candidate to help! Even if you can only help once a month, that is a HUGE help to us! Surveying a zone takes 2-3 hours and consists of going over your area of the lake in a grid fashion, looking into the water for fanwort. Before you do this, we can have an existing surveyor teach you what you’re looking for and how to mark any suspicious weeds you encounter.  Here’s a link to our latest Survey Zones. 2016 FANWORT ZONE MAP
    Contact Nicole Waters
     or Bobbi Turkington if you live in the Woodlands
    You can always send an email to for help too.
  • Volunteer to construct fanwort markers. In the past these have consisted of a piece of string tied to a brick with a floating plastic bottle or pool noodle that floats on top of the water. Currently we are using ” H ” Shaped markers we purchased in bulk from India to keep the cost down. In order to keep additional lead out of lake, we construct the weights ourselves and attach them to our plastic markers. We can always use help either cutting the rebar into 4″ pieces and/or attaching these pieces to the markers themselves. We can always use help making these so that everyone looking for fanwort has at least 1-2 markers at all times.