Lake Management Group

of Hickory Hills Lake, Lunenburg, MA


Herbicide Treatment

SOLitude Lake Management will be treating the lake with Fluridone (Sonar) on April 28, 2020 to remediate our Fanwort problem. 

There are restrictions during the treatment period to ensure there is no interference from people or boaters during the chemical application. The restrictions are not due to any toxicity concerns. Below are the restrictions for Tuesday, April 28:

  • No swimming, boating or other recreational uses of the lake will be allowed during the day of the initial treatment (April 28) or on days when booster treatments are applied. (Dates of booster treatments will be determined at a later date and you will be notified via email before those dates.)
  • If you planned to put your boat in the water on April 28, please change your input to another day. The Boat Ramp will be closed to residents on Tuesday, April 28.
  • Please do not take any boat out on the lake on Tuesday, April 28.
  • Please do not water your flowers, lawn or garden with lake water on the day of chemical treatment, or for 90 days following the treatment.