Lake Management Group

of Hickory Hills Lake, Lunenburg, MA

Increasing Native Vegetation

Biological surveys of the lake have been conducted periodically since 1993. The primary goal of the surveys is to document current conditions in terms of vegetation and water quality and assess the need for management.  Water quality testing at HHL beaches is conducted weekly by the Lunenburg Board of Health during the summer months.

If uncontrolled, even native aquatic vegetation can continue to increase in cover and density resulting in loss of open water habitat and interfering with recreation uses. Some native species can become “invasive” when they expand into areas either not previously present or at one time occupied by other native species.  This can create nuisance conditions, such as dense coverage which can deplete available oxygen or increased sediment levels.  Maintaining the proper balance of aquatic vegetation is critical to a balanced ecosystem.   

Although a healthy native weed population is critical for the survival of the lake, according to the latest vegetation survey some coves are 80-100% covered and such weed cover can cause undesirable side effects.

2018 Survey