Join a team – it’s easy!

We divide and concur!

We have two distinct groups – our Dive Survey team scuba dives searching for and hand-pulling Fanwort from underwater while others are in our pontoon boat following these divers to help keep them safe from other boaters.

Our top-side Surveyors look for and mark Fanwort from a kayak, pontoon, stand-up paddleboard, etc… or every snorkel so our Dive Survey team can later find the plant again and remove it.

Our Survey Map breaks our lake down into 23 zones where each of our 23 top-side teams is asked to survey once per week from their watercraft.

If a top-side zone team has 4 members, each person is only needed once per month to paddle, snorkel or boat around their area looking for it. If we have more than four, we meet up in pairs, etc…

Some zones have simply 1 or 2 members looking for Fanwort, while others have more. We’re always hoping to find new volunteers. Email us  now or call 978.407.0544 and we’ll get you started!

If you can’t commit to a team right now, but happen to live on the water, just looking for it growing around your dock, beach area and shoreline also contributes to the effort and is a big help. You’ll be surprised how your boat often drags it back from other areas and deposits it right where you live.

If you’re interested in joining a Survey team, just give us a call at 978.407.0544 or email us directly!