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Posted 9/14/13
Coffee Hour & Kids Treasure Hunt on 9/21st!
Enjoy FREE coffee and desserts at the Island Road Beach on September 21st from 9am - 11am and help us see the young pirates off on their quest searching for treasure in the Coves and Islands of Hickory Hills Lake! Hope to see you there!
Hickory Hills kids 12 and under may participate and must be accompanied by an adult. If you do not have a boat, we will provide one. Arrive early to prepare for your search! Email or call Kim Lawn to register at 603-769-9487.

Posted 7/15/13
HHLs Poker Run & BBQ on 8/3rd!
The LMG is putting on a great fundraiser! You don't need to know how to play poker to play and win! Come join us 8/3rd from 12pm - 6pm to try your hand at Poker Hickory Hills style. All the details are in the 2013 Summer Waves with a link to the Poker Run Location Map on our homepage. Hope to see you there!

Posted 7/9/13
In Need of Volunteers for Fanwort Surveying
We recently found over 100 Fanwort plants growing off Island Road. We thank all of our volunteers for their dedication kayaking the lake in search of more plants which we will remove with the Suction Harvester, but we are actively looking for additional volunteers to help with the effort. If you think you have an hour every other week to help, please contact the office at 978-582-6365.

Posted 6/24/13
Hickory Hills Boat Parade
The Hickory Hills Boat Parade will be held Saturday, July 6, 2013 at 12pm from Island Road Beach. If you'd like to enter your Hickory Hills boat, just get your place in line before 12pm at the Beach!

Posted 6/21/13
Coffee Hour by LMG at all 3 beaches
The LMG hopes you will all attend one of 3 "Coffee Hours" held at each of our beaches Sunday, June 23rd from 10am - 12pm to learn more about LMG, the latest happenings around the lake and how you can join in on the fun!

Posted 4/15/13
Taste of Mexico presented by the LMG
The LMG hopes you will all attend the Taste of Mexico at the Leominster Elks on April 20th. If you can't attend, but would like to purchase Raffle Tickets, contact the office at 978-582-6365.

Posted 4/10/13
1st row of Dam Boards are in!
The Dam Committee is happy to inform you the 1st row of dam boards are in. The rest of the boards will be in over the upcoming weeks.

Posted 10/15/12
Congratulations to John Pesenti for winning the Kayak in our raffle.
A BIG THANK YOU to all the residents who purchased raffle tickets. Your generous donations kept us from losing money this year for this event due to the unfortunate timing of rain on both Carnival dates.
We're looking forward to trying this again next year, and hope you all will be able to enjoy a day at the beach with us then.

Posted 9/27/12
Fall Carnival at the Island Road Beach has been cancelled
Due to the amount of rain we expect to have, the September Fall Carnival is cancelled, but the Kayak raffle is still on. The Winning ticket will be pulled soon.we're looking forward to the new Fall Carnival coming our way soon.

Posted 7/28/12
Still looking for more Fanwort Survey Volunteers!
We have identified and successfully removed fanwort in Zones 8, 9, 10, 11 and 2. Our concern is that there may be Fanwort that has yet to be discovered. The plants we have found have been sparse in numbers but quite mature.

The Lake Management Group is renewing their effort to find volunteers to survey the lake. Zones abutting the known fanwort areas are of particular concern which are Zones 1, 3, 4 and 13. We don't have captains for all the zones so if you are willing to volunteer please contact Paula Bertram. We could use a lot more volunteers, so please spread the word!

Posted 7/28/12
Discounts from Arrow Septic!
Arrow Septic is offering all HHL residents $10.00 off their next Septic Cleaning. Just mention you're a HHL resident for your opportunity to save.