Monthly Agendas


Officers — One Year

President – Paula Bertram
Vice-President – Bobbi Turkington
Treasurer– Mary Coleman
Clerk – Korina Veenstra

Directors — Two Years

Pauline Abrams-Zirkle

Marly Chevrette

Michael Coulombe

Peter Cowley

Bill Emkey

John Fortune

Carol Hatch

Capital Assets Reserve Fund (CARF) Board of Trustees

Chris Chetty

Derek Fairchild

Caroline Fortin

Donna Fortune

Jim Vogt


Dam - Chair Contact
Manages the integrity of our Dam and ensures state compliance

DASH - Chair Contact
Removes the invasive weed Fanwort from our lake, oversee's 3rd-party DASH vendors

Communications - Chair Contact
Assists with resident communications to promote the corporation while serving the needs of the stakeholders and keeping residents aware of important information

Fanwort Survey - Chair Contact
Finds and marks the invasive weed Fanwort in our lake for removal

Finance - Chair Contact
Manages financial planning of corporate funds

Land and Resource - Chair Contact
Manages Tree, Septic, Building and Main Beach Use reqests. Maintains Boat lot, Canoe/Kayak rack, Wildwoods, Hickory Woods, office building, private roads, snow removal and beaches

LMG - Chair Contact
Writes and submits the Lake Management Plan to Lunenburg Conservation Commission, fundraises, investigates best practices for weed mitigation, algae bloom prevention and erosion control

MS1 - Chair Contact
Removes the invasive weed Fanwort from our lake in shallow areas

Security - Chair Contact
Manages boat and trailer inspections into and out from our lake, patrols lake verifying up to date boat stickers, beach goers have proper ID cards and parking stickers, removes floating logs

Policy & Procedure - Chair Contact
Periodic review of existing Policies and Procedures, recommends new program policies as needed to the Board of Directors

WMG - Chair Contact
Investigates best practices pertaining to weed mitigation strategies in our lake, manages the Benthic Barrier resident & Fanwort programs, manages iluminated markers indicating Fanwort locations to boaters at night, works in coordination with Drawdown Committee's water testing work