Below find a list of property forms to request use of the Main Beach as a venue; to remove trees or construct a wall, dock, fence or building addition to your property. The Board of Directors reviews all forms during their monthly meetings held the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

You can also view our Policy & Procedures Manual, By laws & Prospectus additionally found below.

Island Road Beach Use Form

Tree Removal Request Form

Building/Addition/Septic Permit Form

Docks/Rafts Request Form

Fence Installation Request Form

Boat Registration Form

Boat Cleaning Instructions

HHLI Mission

HHLI Bylaws

HHLI Code of Conduct

HHLI Policy & Procedures Manual

HHLI 2015/2016 Prospectus

Do I need to seek Conservation Commission approval?

HHLI Committee Chair Email Requests

HHLI Fundraising Committee Report Template