Office and Contact Information

Important – Please address all mail correspondence to the address below. We do not have a mail receptacle at the office on Island Rd., so mail addressed there is returned to the sender.

Hickory Hills Landowners, Inc.
P.O. Box 298
Lunenburg, MA 01462

The best way to reach the office is through email at or by the office cell phone at (978) 801-4402.  Our main office phone number is (978) 582-6365, but please keep in mind, this number is not monitored daily.

Security Contact Number

To reach our Security Staff for a boat inspection in or out from the lake, or to report unauthorized use of our facilities (unauthorized access, watercraft towing other than helping a stranded boat, etc), please text or call 978-877-1338. Important: In any type of emergency, please call 911.

Office Hours

Below are our office hours for each season. If the hours below are not convenient for you, please contact the office to arrange a more convenient time.

If you are trying to pay your annual fees, obtain a boat sticker (boat length must be less than 19 feet with a limit of 8HP or detuned 9.9HP engine, for boats less than 12 feet, HP is limited to 5HP) or ID card, please send your form with a check through the mail, or drop them off in the drop box outside the office door. The drop box is locked on the inside so your paperwork is safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

Spring/Summer: April 15 thru August
Tuesday 3-6 pm
Thursday 3-6 pm

Fall/Winter: September thru April 14
By appointment only

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Board of Directors and Committees

ID Cards

ID cards must be carried with you when using Hickory Hills' facilities. They are a necessary security tool to help identify you as a resident who has a right to use the facilities. People who do not have ID cards will be asked to leave the premises. Parents, please make sure your children carry ID cards.

Parking Stickers

Parking stickers are free to residents whose annual maintenance fees are paid. To get your car sticker, please send a copy of your vehicle registration to the office. These stickers are required to park in the beach area parking lots. Guests of those residents in good standing must park outside the parking area. Parking along Townsend Harbor Rd. is prohibited.

Rental Property

Property owners are responsible for the behavior of their tenants, and must inform tenants of rules and regulations of the License. Owners please keep the office up to date with any changes to your tenant’s contact information so we may send a newsletter.


The Board of Directors meets the second Wednesday of every month at the office building on Island Rd. Anyone having business for the Board; please contact the office in writing prior to the meeting.


Please Note! Landowners must RELEASE all property in Hickory Hills before a homeowner can sell, transfer, refinance, or change names on deeds. All of these transactions must comply with a provision in our deeds which grants the corporation a Right of First Refusal to purchase a property, and the corporation waives this right in the RELEASE.
To obtain your RELEASE in time for any property sales, you must request your RELEASE from our Office Manager in writing (via email or mail). Usually you would request this when you have a purchase and sale agreement signed by both parties. You must include:

Without a RELEASE the sale of a property cannot be completed, and the buyer cannot obtain clear title to the property. When you complete a property sale with the proper RELEASE, that RELEASE is recorded at the Registry of Deeds with your new deed, and it is given a new Registry Book/Page number.
Our office procedure is as follows:

  1. The RELEASE must be requested in writing at least 14 working days prior to closing along with a copy of the purchase and sale agreement signed by both parties.
  2. When the RELEASE is requested by a property owner, attorney, bank/financial institution or realtor, our Office Manager will immediately confirm the transaction with the property owner. Once the information needed for the transaction has been confirmed, the property owner must pay Landowners' fee to prepare the paperwork.
  3. If the property owner's license fee is past due or if any other fees owed to Landowners are outstanding, the fees must be paid by the owner before the RELEASE is prepared prior to the closing.
  4. License Fees must be paid for by the property owner whether or not the closing occurs.

Please plan ahead and give our Office Manager ample time to complete your RELEASE properly so that your closing will not be delayed, and you will have a smooth transfer of your property.

Rates for the Release are: Shareholder is $40 and Non-shareholders are $80

Stock Purchases

Please contact the office if you're interested in becoming a Shareholder. The one time purchase is $240.00. There's many advantages to becoming a Shareholder in Hickory Hills Landowners, Inc. such as a 50% discount for Boat Stickers, ID Cards and First Right of Refusal Releases as well as a voice and vote at our Annual Shareholer meetings held each year in September.

Stock Changes

Please contact the office to make arrangements for any stock changes due to death, divorce, name change, etc. Our Office Manager needs to be notified in order to issue a stock in the new owner(s) name when buyer purchases the prior owner's share. Remember stockholders receive a 50% discount for ID cards, boat stickers, and release fees. If you are interested in purchasing a share of stock please contact the office.


We have a variety of sweatshirts and T-Shirts with our logo around the pocket area. If you would like one, please come in to check out our colors and sizes. We can also order a size for you if you prepay.

Lake Pictures

We have colored aerial pictures of the entire lake area. The 8 X 10 pictures are $25.

HHL Stickers

The famous Euro car stickers are available in the office for Hickory Hills. They are $5.