The Hickory Hills Landowners’ C.A.R.F. was initially established to make funds available to purchase a large parcel of land in Hickory Hills from a developer in order to retain our privacy and to protect the lake’s watershed.

The fund continues to generate income to improve the corporation’s capital structure and financial base for planned and unplanned capital expenditures which will promote and conserve the welfare and betterment of Hickory Hills Lake.

The Board of Trustees of the Fund oversees acquired funds, determines investment strategies, and controls how and when these funds are dispersed. The Trustees solicit funds from volunteers and accumulate our deposits so that Landowners has a financial reserve to deal with any catastrophic condition that could damage or even destroy our lake. With this Fund, the Trustees prepare us financially for reconditioning our dam and dike structures as necessary. Trustees are elected by the shareholders, and report directly to them at our annual meetings.

The Board of Directors and the Trustees of the Capital Assets Reserve Fund invite you to participate in the preservation of our lake by contributing to this Fund in one or more of the ways listed below:

Please make your checks payable to Hickory Hills Landowners, Inc. with a notation in the memo section for CARF.

If you are not currently a Hickory Hills Landowners, Inc. shareholder, we also invite you to purchase a share of stock for $240, and become an integral part of our managing corporation.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact our office at or 978- 582-6365.