Thanks for your interest in the Hickory Hills Lake Fanwort Survey efforts.

As you may be aware, the invasive weed Fanwort was discovered in our former boat cove located next to the Island Road beach and Office in 2011. Since then, our volunteer Survey teams have been identifying the plants’ locations in our lake for removal by our volunteer DASH teams. We also were fortunate enough to utilize the work of a 3rd-party DASH company over the last few years to help with these efforts.

In 2019 the amount of Fanwort found outnumbered any efforts traditional DASH methods could conquer alone. Our residents agreed in September that year to hire the environmental consulting company ESS Group, Inc. to help us determine the best way to manage the infestation.

In 2020 SOLitude Lake Management treated our lake with the herbicide Fluridone based on the recommendation of ESS. Their estimate of removing 95% of Fanwort from our lake after application, along with spot treatments in 2021 if we found more was agreed upon.

In 2021 it is now up to all of us including our Survey Committee to find any Fanwort that last years treatment may have left in our lake so we can take advantage of spot treatments this year and postpone the need for another expensive lake-wide Fluridone treatment as long as possible (which is currently predicted by ESS to occur in 3 – 5 years).

The Fluridone treatment in 2020 can be looked at as a “Fanwort Reset” — starting over from the beginning (we hope). This provides us a better and more educated opportunity to utilize what we’ve learned over the last 10 years, coupled with the advice of the experts we’ve hired to do an even better job at maintaining our infestation.

The faster we can find this plant, the faster we can remove it, judge how well last year’s treatment went, better predict how to address and better forecast how long it will be before we’ll need another lake-wide treatment and plan for it.

If you’re interested in joining a Survey Team to help with this effort, just shoot us an email so we can answer any questions you may have.

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As always, happy surveying and kind regards from the Hickory Hills Fanwort Survey committee!