Survey Map

Our Fanwort Survey Map is a complete How-To for instructing new members what to do and how to do it.

It not only explains how to tell us after you’ve found Fanwort and where our zones are located to look for it in, it’s also filled with tips about the best times to find it (clear, calm, sunny days – mornings or late afternoon seem to work best), how to spot the plant in deep water using a Fish Finder, facts about the plant, pictures of our markers and of Fanwort itself. We’ve also recently added more information in the Fanwort education section.

We hope you will keep this new map on your boat when out on the lake and be marking these plants in no time with us!

We plan to distribute the updated version describing the new method of logging sightings at various lake events. If you would like one at anytime, just let us know and we’ll mail it to you or feel free to pick one up at the Office.

Click here to check it out Fanwort Survey Map