Residents may see fanwort plants as they’re using the lake, and we want to encourage you to remove them simply and safely and here’s how to do it.

Fanwort grows in long stems. There may be several stems
from one location where the stem meets the muck or the bottom of the lake. We call this the root crown. From the root crown you may have one or more traveler or propagative roots where the plant can sprout back up from.

For small plants the traveler roots are generally within a two foot radius. The roots are no more than a few inches into the muck.
The goal is to remove all plant stem(s) and its root system.

To begin hand pulling, locate the root crown and work one hand beneath the root crown from the bottom. Slowly begin to lift the plant and roots from the muck. The other hand can hold the stems. The plant and root system should offer very little resistance and you should be able to get 100% of the roots. If it doesn’t feel like all the roots came up, or the stems break, use a rake to rake out the area.

See the following hand harvest video for a further demonstration.